12 - 15 October


8–10 rue de Ligne, 1000 Brussels
Saturday 14 October

Pan is a multidisciplinary label and platform for contemporary sound artists, founded by Bill Kouligas. Since 2008, it has evolved to reflect the state of sound production and sound-based art practices, providing a platform for emerging talent and representing avant-garde artists.

Based in Berlin, with roots in London and Athens, PAN harnesses and reflects the multinational and innovative nature of the city's unique music scene.


Early Bird 19€*  / Presale 21€* / Doorsale 23€*
Saturday Night Pass: Bozar + Reset: 42€*
3-Day Weekend Pass: 89€*
*+ service fee

Amnesia Scanner (Germany & Finland)

Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, aka Amnesia Scanner, use their musical and artistic practice to explore the vulnerabilities and excesses of the system, information overload and sensory excess. These anxieties find an outlet in their abrasive club music, which blends synthetic sounds, avant EDM, rave, pop melodies and experimental dissonance. After two EPs on Young (AS and AS Truth) that laid the foundations for this sonic formula, the duo went on to release two LPs on PAN (Another Life and Tearless) that re-use pop's song structures to give coherence to this sonic narrative. On stage, saturated visuals, aggressive colours, stroboscopes and multimedia performances visually complete this universe. In 2023, they released their third album, STROBE.RIP, in collaboration with Freeka Tet: this release was part of a more global series of live performances, installations, physical products and videos created by the group, giving their output a sense of total works of art.

Bill Kouligas (PAN I Berlin, Germany)

Bill Kouligas is an artist, musician and designer hailing from Athens, now based in Berlin. The founder of interdisciplinary artist platform and record label PAN, Kouligas' output as a musician and publisher has become synonymous with a standard of rigor in the field of experimental music since PAN's inception in 2008. Within the scope of his own musical practice, Kouligas draws from his foundational interest in mythologies, traditions, and subcultures. Distorting and recombining these with contemporary influences, Kouligas' work across sound, visual art, and live performance weaves a tapestry of modern existence, while challenging conventions of form and genre. A driving force in the electronic music scene for nearly two decades, Kouligas is widely credited with curating an ecosystem that has redefined progressive music while contributing to shifting aesthetics within the popular canon.

Erwan Sene (Paris, France)

Erwan Sene is an artist and musician based in Paris. His composite body of work is led by a sculptural practice that unfolds on several levels – reprising, digesting and warping the objects that surround him. His first full-length album, JUnQ (or the Journal of Unsolved Questions), was released on PAN on April 2023. It is part of a multi-faceted, immersive installation project incorporating sculptures, a book and an exhibition that explores ideas of AI ontology and the nature of artistic performance.

Composed like a chorus of fantastical beasts, the album wanders atmospherically through a fogged wood. Sounds are sculpted, distorted and amplified, becoming hybrids of themselves. Sinuous violins, muffled harpsichord and digital instruments can be heard in this jungle of sounds, echoing rhythmic spirals and mystic drum tones.

Heith (Milan I Italy)

Heith is the alias of Daniele Guerrini, artist and musician based in Milan. During recent years he investigated sound in different directions, from rave music to ambient and electroacoustic, via traditional folk music and ritual music. He is the founder and heat of the experimental music label Haunter Records since 2013. In October 2022, he releases his LP X, wheel, whose sound is described as a strange and unfamiliar, but also as a spellbinding work and his most accomplished artistic production to date.

Liyo (HE4RTBROKEN I Brussels, Belgium)

Liyo is one of the masterminds behind the beloved purveyor of club melodrama HE4RTBROKEN,the Belgian collective and club night that isn’t scared of a few tears on the dance floor. Alongside STEFF, Munix and ssaliva, Liyo hand crafts parties in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, London and Shanghai, bringing emotion-forward, heart-filling, life-affirming music to kindred sad spirits. Her djing practice is greatly influenced by her experience in film editing, as she builds her sets as multi-textured narratives of emotional undulation and cathartic release, meticulously stitching together music from all over the spectrum.

Puce Mary (PAN I Copenhagen, Denmark)

Puce Mary is the solo moniker of Danish-born artist Frederikke Hoffmeier. With a long career in experimental electronic music - Puce Mary has a reputation for intense live performances that span from gripping renditions of cinematic composition to the full-on fury of off-the-cuff harsh noise. Often identified with the now-generation of industrial noise, the project’s recent endeavours explores the field of sound more broadly than before, unfurling a complex sonic and literary narrative of tension and release, amidst disquieting dynamics and surreal cinematics. With countless releases, performances and collaborations with artists such as Drew McDowall, Varg2TM, Kali Malone and Stephen O’Malley, Puce Mary has reached wide acclaim for her powerful and unique blend of modern experimental electronic and noise music.