12 - 15 October

Bill Kouligas

Saturday 14 October 2023

Bill Kouligas is an artist, musician and designer hailing from Athens, now based in Berlin. The founder of interdisciplinary artist platform and record label PAN, Kouligas’ output as a musician and publisher has become synonymous with a standard of rigor in the field of experimental music since PAN’s inception in 2008. Within the scope of his own musical practice, Kouligas draws from his foundational interest in mythologies, traditions, and subcultures. Distorting and recombining these with contemporary influences, Kouligas’ work across sound, visual art, and live performance weaves a tapestry of modern existence, while challenging conventions of form and genre. A driving force in the electronic music scene for nearly two decades, Kouligas is widely credited with curating an ecosystem that has redefined progressive music while contributing to shifting aesthetics within the popular canon.

  • PAN
Berlin, Allemagne