12 - 15 October

Amnesia Scanner

Saturday 14 October 2023

Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, aka Amnesia Scanner, use their musical and artistic practice to explore the vulnerabilities and excesses of the system, information overload and sensory excess. These anxieties find an outlet in their abrasive club music, which blends synthetic sounds, avant EDM, rave, pop melodies and experimental dissonance. After two EPs on Young (AS and AS Truth) that laid the foundations for this sonic formula, the duo went on to release two LPs on PAN (Another Life and Tearless) that re-use pop’s song structures to give coherence to this sonic narrative. On stage, saturated visuals, aggressive colours, stroboscopes and multimedia performances visually complete this universe. In 2023, they released their third album, STROBE.RIP, in collaboration with Freeka Tet: this release was part of a more global series of live performances, installations, physical products and videos created by the group, giving their output a sense of total works of art.

  • PAN
Finlande, Allemagne