12 - 15 October

C12 — Saturday

Rue du Marché Aux Herbes 116, 1000 Brussels
Saturday 14 October

C12 is a place where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative culture are protected from the restrictive and prescriptive outside world. It's a place where a passion for art and music in all its forms unites all identities. During two nights of the festival, C12 and the intimate C11 will host clubs mixing Belgian and international artists, with techno and experimental aesthetics, dj sets and live music.


Early Bird 18€* / Presale 20€* / Doorsale 22€*
Saturday Night Pass: Bozar + C12: 42€*
3-Day Weekend Pass: 89€*
* + service fee


23:00 – 02:00 Donia b2b Kamoun (Sketchy Lines Records I Brussels, Belgium)

As founders of the Brussels based label Sketchy Lines Records, Donia and Kamoun roam the streets on the lookout for percussion-loaded and bass-heavy sonics.  Kamoun's electrifying mix is a well done entanglement of Oriental-inspired beats and rhythms, with an array of eclectic sounds and polyrhythmic structures. Donia has been described as your local dopamine dealer, stretching genres until they lose their ego, allowing you to focus on your inner dance.

02:00 — 03:00 Baraka (live) (France)

Hawa Sarita (DJ, singer, poetess, writer) and Cristofeu (DJ, producer) merge their dreams and influences to create Baraka. From this alchemy raise a cathartic and moving sound whose repetitive beats and acid tones coming from the depths heal souls and warm hearts. The two DJs celebrate their love for club culture using powerful TR8s, incisive break beats, synthetic layers inspired by trance and trip-hop as well as cavernous female voices. These alliances of electronic music, 90’ aesthetics and dreamy undulations intertwine like the yin and yang and promise a mystical universe with futuristic imagery.

03:00 – 07:00 DJ Gigola b2b MCR-T (Live From Earth I Berlin, Germany)

Like gigolo, but gigola! Where others see tension and contradiction, DJ Gigola sees a chance for creation. On a night out, you might hear Dj Gigola mix Madonna out of an old Bonzai record and back into Surgeon all within 5 minutes. As playful as DJ Gigola’s selection may seem, however, she rigorously weaves together seemingly disperse tracks with one common thread: rhythm.

Much like MCR-T, Real name Julian McCarthy, who has been delivering heavy trap and ghetto tunes now for several years as part of the Live From Earth Collective.

Put them back to back and you get a tightly woven mix of slinky ghetto, dancehall, techno and everything in between.


23:00 – 01:00 La Dame (Kiosk Radio I Brussels, Belgium)

Based in Brussels, French dj and producer La Dame explores music with insatiable enthusiasm and curiosity, spreading her unique energy and love for different cultures on the dancefloor. Famous for her eclectic global club offerings, and a resident of Kiosk Radio, she has released EPs, remixes and tracks for labels such as Blanc Manioc, Wonderwheel Rec., Yuku and Banoffee Pies. Respected everywhere she goes, this atypical personality has lived in several places around the world and is a funny and generous polyglot.

01:00 – 03:00 Nick León (TraTraTrax I Miami, United-States)

Nick León’s dystopian club music samples the sounds of Florida’s diverse ecosystem. Finding his way into the rap world at a young age, he collaborated with some of the biggest underground rappers in South Florida. He also gravitated early towards the Latin sounds coming out of Puerto Rico and Colombia. As of recent, Nick released his highly anticipated Xtasis EP on TraTraTrax which  featured DJ Babatr and remixes by Doctor Jeep and Pearson Sound. He also started 2022 on a high note, claiming a production credit on one of the most well reviewed albums of the year – MOTOMAMI by Rosalía.

03:00 – 05:00 Le Motel (Malorca I Brussels, Belgium)

Le Motel's music is a vortex of images and sounds from the four corners of the globe. As a producer and DJ, the Belgian has appeared at a multitude of festivals and clubs. An adept at field recording, he also composes film music and has travelled to the remotest corners of the planet to record previously unheard sounds, sonic treasures that he meticulously reworks in his Brussels studio. It's this ambivalence that shapes Le Motel's distinctive sound.

In 2022, he signed Sueños, the most ambitious project in his discography to date. True to Maloca's curious and plural identity, the musician chose to call on collaborators from England, Ghana, Spain and Brussels for this project rooted in the dreams of the night. Unstoppable and highly prolific, he went on to release this year a collaborative album with Bruce Wijn, MAAR, another with Fuzati, Baltimore, and a solo EP, Kernel Panic, on the Czech label YUKU.

05:00 – 07:00 Vers (Kiosk Radio I Brussels, Belgium)

As co-founder of Ghent-based collective Grid and its small but energetic offshoot label Lieftuig, Vers has a genuine ear for obscure sounds and baffling club tunes, he delivers carefully selected and genre-dodging mixes that are both intriguing and vigorous. He first arrived on the airwaves in 2021, maintaining a monthly residency at Kiosk Radio ever since. He's also active at LYL radio, where he shares a slot with longtime collaborator Mankiyan. Among the places he performed at in the past years are Horst Festival, Listen Festival, Funke and Onder Stroom where he has shared the bill with esteemed artists such as Kahn, Stenny, LCY, AliA etc. In 2023 he continues to push the envelope by making a first appearance on Rinse France and landing his first club residency at Funke in Ghent.