12 - 15 October

La Forestière

Free entrance
Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39, 1080 Brussels
Friday 13 October
18:00 – 00:00

La Forestière is a Brussels-based platform that organises jams, concerts and exhibitions with the aim of showcasing local artists and building a community by and for creatives. The aim is to give artists a platform, support and confidence in their art, while introducing them to a growing global network of creatives. Forestiere began in 2021 in a shared flat in Forest and has since organised performances in Brussels cult venues such as the AB Club, Beursschouwburg, See U and even across the border in London, Brighton, Paris and Bogota.

19:00 Echofarmer (Belgium)

Ranging from soft and fluffy to sharp and angular, Echofarmer (Arne Nuyts) collages his inspirations into detailed musical labyrinths. Feeding on off-kilter grooves, organic textures and sweaty improvisation, his intricate sonic ecosystems are brought to life. Performers and listeners are pulled into an ever evolving experience. As hard hitting breakbeats carve their way through ambient fields, jazz references and sub basses, every echofarmer concert is like a subway train that doesn't stop.

20:30 Dishwasher_ (Sdban Records I Ghent, Belgium)

Dishwasher_ are the latest disciples of yet another new wave of talent in the fertile Belgian groove and jazzscene. It would, however, be a shame to limit them to the constraints of any given musical style. Ever since their formation in 2019, the Ghent-based trio have been experimenting with all possible genres to create a contemporary sound they can now rightfully call their own. With their self-titled debut album, to be released in April 2023 via Sdban Ultra, they are closing off an impressive first chapter, delivering a unique and diverse yet coherent collection of groove-driven cuts.

21:30 Samar (Brussels, Belgium)

Raised in Tunis and now located in Brussels, Samar plays with atmospheric spatiality and sonic textures. Constantly evolving her musical craft, she is not afraid to take unexpected turns and imbue vim and vigour into her transcendental yet resolute DJ sets. Expect mixes with a metaphysical, tangible texture. From visceral ambient to blood-pumping percussions, Samar is adept at experimental bass, jungle breaks and leftfield electronica. A transgressor of the traditional codes of the dancefloor. No frills, all thrills.