12 - 15 October

Le Motel

C12 — Saturday
Saturday 14 October 2023

Le Motel’s music is a vortex of images and sounds from the four corners of the globe. As a producer and DJ, the Belgian has appeared at a multitude of festivals and clubs. An adept at field recording, he also composes film music and has travelled to the remotest corners of the planet to record previously unheard sounds, sonic treasures that he meticulously reworks in his Brussels studio. It’s this ambivalence that shapes Le Motel’s distinctive sound.

In 2022, he signed Sueños, the most ambitious project in his discography to date. True to Maloca’s curious and plural identity, the musician chose to call on collaborators from England, Ghana, Spain and Brussels for this project rooted in the dreams of the night. Unstoppable and highly prolific, he went on to release this year a collaborative album with Bruce Wijn, MAAR, another with Fuzati, Baltimore, and a solo EP, Kernel Panic, on the Czech label YUKU.

  • Malorca
Bruxelles, Belgique