12 - 15 October


A Night with Richie Hawtin
Friday 13 October 2023

Clara3000 is a non-binary multi-disciplinary musician and DJ. Self-taught and teen-geek, they started DJing when they were seventeen, creating a unique path within the queer underground and the club scene. Clara3000’s sound emerges from the unexpected alliance of a large, heterogeneous, and scrupulously researched collection of music but also from literature, poetry, cinema, and queer and trans politics. Through strongly rhythmical sets that show an ability to create a story with an infectious groove drifting between the experimental sides of techno, bass, industrial and post-dance, Clara3000’s dogged approach to the craft has built them a solid reputation. Diplomat and smuggler between worlds, they have curated and composed the music for several films including Gaspar Noe’s Climax, Paul B. Preciado’s Orlando, and Willy Vanderperre’s Heartlands, and has collaborated with fashion designers such as Demna and Raf Simons. Clara3000 is known for creating hallucinatory soundscapes where different cultures meet and create possibilities for new ways of being together.

Paris, France