12 - 15 October

European Lab

Bozar / Palais des Beaux-Arts
Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels
Friday 13 October
10.00 - 18.00

2 days of talks, workshops, radio shows and networking sessions during Nuits sonores & European Lab Brussels

Attentive to the evolution of the European independent media scene since its beginnings, the festival's reflective programme is devoting two days to this issue this year, taking place in the very heart of the Bozar spaces. European Lab aims to highlight the importance of solidarity between independent media and independent cultural structures facing the same challenges, ranging from the appetite of large private groups to the excessive power of GAFAM and increased political interference.

This new edition shows the importance of these independent media ecosystems in shaping the democratic and social debate of our time, from tackling issues of inclusion to promoting pan-European collaboration and opposing web giants. It affirms the need to shift our perspective. It's an invitation to look at new business models being invented by these emerging press companies; an opportunity to explore the stories told by Eastern European media outlets; and an encouragement to make room for a new generation of journalists driven by the same desire: to collectively shape the future of a fairer, more balanced European public sphere - in complete independence.



Workshop for writers

10:30 - 12:30
Rotonde Bertouille, Bozar

This workshop is part of a series of workshops for writers by Mariana Berezovska (Borshch magazine) in various locations, aiming to activate and empower them to write about culture and music from their unique standpoint and experience.  The workshops facilitate knowledge exchange with established writers on independent cultures and scenes, decolonial narratives, writing about music and culture in challenging times, finding relevant topics and angles for stories, and structuring an article.

Aspiring writers are invited to apply through an open call, where they can suggest topics or artists they are interested in writing about. To maximize the workshop experience, we encourage participants to bring their own writing to share with the group. This will facilitate engaging discussions and practical exercises, while also motivating aspiring writers to submit finished texts shortly after the session. Selected works have the potential to be published on the We Are Europe Platform.

This initiative not only amplifies diverse voices in music journalism but also recognizes the relevance of major platforms in Berlin and London, fostering greater exchange between these dominant platforms and emerging media and writers.The workshops offer valuable exposure, and networking opportunities, and contribute to cultivating a more inclusive and diverse landscape for music and culture journalism. Upon completing the workshops, participants will have the chance to publish their work on one of the media platforms within our network.

With: Mariana Berezovska (Borshch Magazine I UA)

Workshop: Running an independent media without MAGMA

10:30 - 12:30
Mezzanine Horta, Bozar

This workshop will investigate the possibilities of reappropriating technology within public space by questioning centralized knowledge and data centers operated by major organizations and its underlying social implications. What are the interdependences between the users, the providers, the services, the technology and related knowledge at work? How to rethink another model of shared empowerment situated in time and space unique to its agent, communities and independent media?

With: Grégoire Rousseau (Lumbung Radio I FR / FI)

Media's Influence on Eastern Europe's Image: Challenging Russian-Centric Narratives and Bias

14:00 - 15:00
Rotonde Bertouille, Bozar

The panel discussion will explore how the media influence the image of Eastern Europe, focusing on the challenges of Russian-centric narratives and bias. It will delve into how Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine is potentially leading to a redefinition of narratives about Russia's imperial policy as well as Eastern European countries. In this context, it's essential to consider the impact of Russia's efforts to unify Eastern Europe under its leadership. The aim of this talk is to explore ways to counter bias in media representation, promote inclusivity, and challenge stereotypes about Eastern Europe.

With: Petrica Mogoș (Kajet Journal I RO), Lucia Udvardyová (Easterndaze I CZ ) & Maya Baklanova (co-founder of Tight Magazine / music activist I UA)

Festivals Turning into Media

15:30 - 16:30
Rotonde Bertouille, Bozar

As independent festivals thrive worldwide, some add another string to their bow by creating a media focused on topics they care about. These festival extensions or communication platforms provide additional content, maintaining year-round engagement, delving deeper into subjects and artists showcased at the festival. Festivals with a strong identity, be it in ecology, music genres, or geography, utilize media platforms to enhance their storytelling, curation, and community connections. These platforms go beyond the physical event, incorporating multimedia elements like artist and speaker interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and exploratory discussions. By merging music, visual arts, and narratives, festivals-turned-media offer participants a multi-dimensional journey, elevating the discourse and understanding of the creative process. The speakers will discuss the challenges and the reasons of this ongoing music festivals and media relation.

With: Salomé Besse (Europavox I FR), Luis Fernandes, (COSMOS, Le Guess Who? I PT) & Manon Moulin (Arty Farty I FR)

Decentralizing Cultural Media

17:00 - 18:00
Rotonde Bertouille, Bozar

In a context of mass media and concentration landscape, media and culture structures tend to be owned by a few big companies, leading to a homonagised representation of culture. This concentration restricts global culture and stifles emerging voices and perspectives. By decentralizing cultural media, it can ensure pluralism in cultural content and actors, as well as a fair representation of diverse voices. What are the decentralizing tools for media, especially in cultural fields? What Web3 can bring and how to implement it? What about networks? For instance, Lumbung Radio network uses community-driven curation on its decentralized media platforms which empowers communities to curate and highlight the content they value. This approach encourages collaboration, discovery, and a sense of ownership within the community. Through peer-to-peer networks and blockchain technology, the speakers will detail their own perspective on decentralization.

With: Bas Grasmayer (Music X I DE), Grégoire Rousseau (Station of Commons / Lumbung Radio I FI / FR) & Whitney Wei (Resident Advisor I US)

Radio Lab

Accessible to Nuits sonores Brussels' A night with Richie Hawtin ticketholders only.

Radio Lab will give the floor to different community radios to bring to the fore their own gaze on links between cultural and media spheres. From Berlin to Vilnius and Budapest, the radios will present a variety of formats: discussions, listening-sessions, interviews.

Refuge Worldwide x Microwave
20:00 — 21:00: Interdependence: How Independent Media, Radio Broadcasting and Collectives are Shaping our Culture, and Enacting Positive Change, in Real Time?

With: Brikabrak (Collective I BE), Iced Lattina (Artist I BE), Matéo Vigné (Journalist I BE) & Rachel Grace Almeida (Crack Magazine I VE / UK)

21:00 — 22:00: Exchange with Skee Mask

With: Rachel Grace Almeida (Crack Magazine I VE / UK)

Powered by Refuge Worldwide & Microwave

Radio Lab | Palanga Street Radio x Lahmacun Radio
22:00 — 00:00: A Snapshot into the Local Grassroots Scenes of Budapest and Vilnius

A spotlight talk into the local grassroots scenes of Budapest and Vilnius. From festivals, music releases and community radio, this panel brings together active players to both draw parallels between these cities and what the role cross-border collaboration can offer for the distribution of music on the margins.

With: Nerijus Damaševičius aka SHN (Minimal.It I LT), Gábor Kovács aka Új Bála*: (Artist I HU/BE), Tamás Luspay (Blindblindblind I HU), Samantha Lippett (Palanga Street Radio I LT) & Peter Bokor (Lahmacun Radio I HU)

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