12 - 15 October

SCALER (live)

A Night with HAAi
Saturday 14 October 2023

SCALER (fka SCALPING) are a Bristol based live techno band. Blistering performances are known for astute production formed through a love their hometown’s visionary off-the-wall dance music as well as full throttle noise and punk. SCALPING play continuously for the duration of their sets, generating a storm of metal-and-techno through a rising beats-per-minute count; starting between 80-90bpm, ticking gradually up to 140bpm – and then, for maximum dynamic impact, dropping to 70bpm and playing in half-time. In the heat and darkness, it’s a swarm of low-end frequencies and ripping guitars, somewhere between Black Sabbath-esque psychedelica and The Bug’s sub-bass headfuckery.

  • Houndstooth
Bristol, Royaume-Uni