12 - 15 October

Dj Lycox

Príncipe x Brikabrak
Sunday 15 October 2023

Dj Lycox is one of the most talented and influential producers in the contemporary urban/club ecosystem sustained by the Afro-diasporic community. Born in Portugal of Angolan descent and currently based in Paris, he is also part of the Tia Maria Produções crew with whom he released the landmark Tá Tipo Já Não Vamos Morrer EP in 2014 on Príncipe. His solo debut record arrived on Lisbon’s finest at the tail end of 2017, entitled Sonhos & Pesadelos. In 2020 he shared his Kizas do Ly EP, a beautiful rhythm sounds psalm for love, and in November of 2021, LYCOXERA, a surpassing collection of dancefloor bangers.

  • Príncipe
Paris, France