12 - 15 October

Dj Danifox

Príncipe x Brikabrak
Sunday 15 October 2023

DJ Danifox, the son of Angolan parents, was born in Lisbon but moved to Leeds, in the UK, in 2014, around the time that he began making his first beats. As his aesthetic began to take shape, coming from tarraxo, kuduro, and Lisbon ghetto, he connected with the Príncipe crew. Since then Danifox has been touted as one of Príncipe’s rising names, acknowledged for his dancefloor cuts and playful vibes.

Alongside Puto Márcio, Lycox, and BBoy, Danifox also forms the Tia Maria Produções crew, who released the follow up EP “Lei da Tia Maria” on Príncipe at the tail end of 2020.  This past April of 2023 his first full-length LP titled ‘Ansiedade’ was released on Príncipe. Besides taking part in the super group O Ghettão alongside Dj Nigga Fox and Dj Firmeza, Dani has also been shaking dancefloors up throughout the European independent cultural ecosystem.

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