12 - 16 October

The Maghreban (live)

Since he started the project in 2013, UK DJ and producer The Maghreban has cut a niche for clever, forceful dance music, fueled by mischievous sample play and inspired by his background in hip hop and jungle. Having released music under various names on Eglo, Black Acre, Versatile, R&S and his own Zoot Records, his 12” releases are aimed straight at the dancefloor pulling in inspirations from UK rave, acid house, African music and disco. His most recent LP Connection sees him tie together musical strands from his Arabic heritage along with jazz and techno to form something truly unique and cohesive. An avid record collector and digger, his ability to feed all these influences into his wide angled selections pushes the dance floor in a multitude of directions.

  • Zoot Records
Londres Royaume-Uni